What We Do
A bit about how it all works

"Thuja Design can help you to motivate your workforce to perform at their best, by demonstrating you have given thought to their workspace: providing an environment which is not only functional, but inspirational.

Your interior design should reflect your corporate image and aims, drawing in both employees and potential customers and Thuja Design has many years of experience in making this happen."

Chris Orton, Managing Director, Thuja Design

Our approach will always centre around listening to and understanding your businesses requirements. Only once this has been done can we then apply our experience to develop the right workplace solution for you.

Thuja Design will work together with you to develop the brief, building in opportunities to review and challenge at every stage of the process.

Our objective is to ensure that the space we create for you is not only a great place to work, but is flexible and future-proof.

We aim to create inspirational, high quality working environments, on time and in budget.

The most important stage in any workplace renewal is the project strategy.  Get that right and a scheme will be delivered on time, to budget and to a high standard.  Get it wrong and the scheme has the potential to be a waste of time and money. That is why the inclusion of the Thuja Design team at the earliest possible opportunity can be vital to the successful outcome of the project.

There are three stages to the service provided by Thuja Design:

The preparation of the initial Design Brief:  Based upon the information acquired during the initial consultation, this will include understanding corporate identity and aims, workplace culture and ethics, and accessibility requirements, as well as any constraints to the design.

The more information we can get the better. We interview key employees to establish departmental needs and ask them to project future department growth. Most importantly we need to understand working patterns and departmental relationships, to correctly interpret how the company works.

The preparation of space plans, interior design concepts, specification and presentation documents

Developing with the client the procurement, implementation and post occupancy strategy.

Space planning has the ability to transform a tight, cramped office into a spacious workplace. It's an integral part any office design project and involves analysing how your space is currently being used. This allows you to then create a design that maximises the available space for the needs of your staff.

We consider every element in the mix - from growth plans and the needs of your business, to legal requirements, accessibility considerations and IT infrastructure - because only with a bit of smart planning can you ensure that your business has the space to work in years to come.

We work with clients to determine how space is used now and in the future. We rigorously assess your space needs, looking at everything from storage requirements, departmental adjacencies and new ways of working.

The design stage is the part everyone enjoys the most. It’s an engaging, creative and rewarding journey, which results in a bespoke and innovative solution that supports your business. A successful design will assist in recruiting and retaining employees, support staff wellbeing and productivity, as well as project the right image for your organisation.

Thuja Design provides a design workshop for its customers during which we describe current planning styles, furniture designs and trends in finishes, colours, texture and form. We also explain any industry jargon that will be used. This exercise enables the client to be more informed about what is available and can be fed back into the design brief.

The design process is a key stage that takes time to get right. At the start of the project journey, a brief will be developed and challenged to identify the best solutions to improve your team’s work environment and future-proof your space as far as possible. A successful workplace is built on the seamless integration of space, technology and people.

Once the design is agreed we will work alongside the professional team to develop a buildable scheme.  Collaboration is key to maintaining momentum and getting it right the first time around; avoiding surprises and any delays on site.

This is why we prepare full drawing packages and specification documents that include floor plans, reflective ceiling plans, bespoke joinery items, tea points and everything else from design led features to the everyday details.

We are often retained by our clients to manage the implementation of the design scheme, attend site meetings and complete a final review of all works. We can also carry out a post occupancy review which asks many of the same questions as at the beginning of the project.

The information gained can act as a trigger for any amendments and adjustments to be made across all aspects of the office interior. It also signals that Thuja Design’s commitment to the project remains following the occupancy of the office.