Richborough Estates

Richborough Estates’ decision to relocate to larger premises in Birmingham was as a result of significant growth both in terms of the number of live projects they were working on and personnel headcount.

The company has taken 3,000 sq ft of space in Waterloo House, which is superbly located to retain and recruit staff, with access to a rich variety of amenities. Acquiring the space while under-refurbishment provided Richborough with the opportunity to combine their fit-out with the landlord’s works and create a truly incredible space for both their staff and clients.

The brief:

Thuja Design were appointed to create a flexible, adaptable and comfortable working environment with a strong focus on a design that would promote their employees’ workplace wellbeing.

The brief required a modern, vibrant design taking full advantage of the building’s existing architecture and the great views onto Birmingham's Victoria Square. They wanted to encourage collaboration and transform their culture by allowing teams to work together in a single space.

fresh and inspired working


The results:

Richborough Estates pride themselves on their people first approach and wanted to help strengthen company culture. The tea point now provides staff with a central meeting point in the office as well as a space to hold events, and for staff to eat lunch and play table tennis together. It is a bright, relaxing space creating an area for staff to socialise in with all the right facilities to feel comfortable in the office.

To draw people into the space and retain the informal environment we used colourful and textured planks from Interface to create a distinctive reception area. The colours uplift the space and provides a sense of impact as you walk in.

There were other aspects to the design that reflected the company’s unique personality.  Karl and Paul were very keen to incorporate the 'Brunel' table from Steel Vintage into their boardroom and were keen to find other industrial inspired furniture.

The new office features smart technology throughout the meeting spaces and magnetic white walls for doodling or large-scale presentations.

"We are thrilled with our exciting new office and our employees are enjoying every aspect the new work space provides them.

Thuja Design have been a great partner and we appreciate all the effort they have put into delivering a great piece of work that is a showcase for the business.”

Karl Parkinson-Witte, Joint Managing Director
Richborough Estates